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Best. Service. Ever.

Submitted By: Robert Clarke
Company: PETWEB Express  Company Rank: 100

My company had a gift basket of pet products that was to be delivered to downtown Manhattan, but was held up at the Canada/U.S. border. It HAD to be delivered by Dec 20th, end of day. On Dec. 20th I found Petweb Express who delivered products in NYC, and did they ever go the extra mile. Not only were they able to replace all the products that were originally shipped, they even put it all in a gift basket and delivered it WITHIN hours of me placing the order. They had it delivered by end of day, and Julie at PetWeb Express kept me up to speed on status of the order throughout the day.

This is customer service you usually can only dream about, but PetWeb Express were able to deliver (literally and figuratively).

Anyone looking for Pet Products in New York City, or to be delivered in New York City, should look no further than PetWeb Express.

Joseph Jaffe would be proud!

Visit www.petwebexpress.com

Thanks guys,
Robert Clarke

Posted on December 21st, 2010 

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