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Best. Service. Ever.

Submitted By: Robert Clarke
Company: PETWEB Express  Company Rank: 100

My company had a gift basket of pet products that was to be delivered to downtown Manhattan, but was held up at the Canada/U.S. border. It HAD to be delivered by Dec 20th, end of day. On Dec. 20th I found Petweb Express who delivered products in NYC, and did they ever go the extra mile. Not only were they able to replace all the products that were originally shipped, they even put it all in a gift basket and delivered it WITHIN hours of me placing the order. They had it delivered by end of day, and Julie at PetWeb Express kept me up to speed on status of the order throughout the day.

This is customer service you usually can only dream about, but PetWeb Express were able to deliver (literally and figuratively).

Anyone looking for Pet Products in New York City, or to be delivered in New York City, should look no further than PetWeb Express.

Joseph Jaffe would be proud!

Visit www.petwebexpress.com

Thanks guys,
Robert Clarke


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Your cashier is your brand

Submitted By: Joseph Jaffe
Company: Macchiato  Company Rank: 78

I was at Macchiato today (http://www.macchiatocafe.com/) and observed this incredible employee/barista (the lady to the left of the picture) demonstrate why this coffee bar is always packed:
1. She asked one patron how their day was going with genuine interest
2. She made conversation with a customer sitting alone...asked her if this was her first time at Macchiato and then proceeded to bring her a chocolate chip cookie to welcome her.

WOW - I was blown away.

PS I asked her permission to take the photo but should have asked her name.....


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Twitter is over capacity...

Submitted By: Manu Lunatic
Company: Twitter  Company Rank: 80

How would you feel getting an error message from an online service (you must at least use a few ones) explaining that the service is not available, or over capacity, etc... I imagine you wouldn't be smiling that much, would you?

Well, I'm usually not smiling at all, and as a result, I close the window, if not quit the subscription linked to that service...

This screen is what I got from Twitter the last time I tried to tweet the community. And I have to admit, I smiled... stored my tweet somewhere in my head and came back a few minutes later.

So, why is Twitter forgiven as quickly as that?

You may argue that Twitter might not be part of critical processes for all of us, and that an out of order online banking service would probably cause me to be really upset this time. Probably, or is it something else : has Twitter understood something most of others have not?


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Awesome Service!

Submitted By: Michael Donnelly
Company: Chick-fil-A  Company Rank: 101

My family and I had lunch at the Chick-fil-A in Destin, FL last weekend. This was our second visit in the last several months and we all found the experience to be one of our absolute BEST customer service experiences ever! What I found remarkable about this is that we had the same incredible service there during our first visit as well...can there actually be a fast food restaurant with incredible food and service...ALL the time? My experience says YES!

We've got 4 young children, so entering a busy fast food establishment with lots of people and other stimuli can be a little overwhelming to say the least, trust me on this! This restaurant immediately recognizes this and does literally everything they can to make it a pleasurable family dining experience. They welcome you as soon as you walk in the door, deliver the food to your table, check on you several times throughout your meal, refill your beverages (plenty of refreshing Coke products) and literally helped us put the jackets on our little ones! They have truly made us feel right at home and like family.

According to their website, Chick-fil-A desires to "have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A" Well, they should be issuing this particular store and its owner, Mr. Morris Loveland, one of the largest trophies ever made for all to see, appreciate and learn from. He was on site, a pleasure to do business with and only humbly admitted that he was the owner when I asked directly and complimented his staff. He truly embodies the spirit that Truett Cathy has instilled in this family run company. Thanks Mr. Loveland for the great service and lesson in how to sincerely treat a customer like royalty.

We WILL continue to be a very frequent customer of Chick-fil-A and look forward to returning to this particular store again and again and again.


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AWESOMELY great customer service

Submitted By: rhonda hurwitz
Company: surveygizmo  Company Rank: 10

Problem with Survey Gizmo at 2:30 a.m. EST. Sent an email, also tweeted, went to sleep.

By 11 am the next morning (which is 9am in Denver, where they are located) a real person fixed my problem and emailed me back. During the day I got not 1, but 2 followups on it to see if it was solved to my satisfaction.

Pinch me!


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Transparent, Superb Customer Support

Submitted By: Lee Graham
Company: Rackspace Cloud  Company Rank: 100

As I was building my first couple of iPhone app I was searching for a cloud hosting provider. I tried Amazon Web Services but their customer support only consisted of online forums.

When I went to RackspaceCloud.com (around midnight) I was browsing around I noticed a small pop-up asking if I wanted to talk to a customer support rep. I had some question so I click on it.

Boy, I was surprised that I was chatting with someone who was friendly and knowledgeable., rather than waiting on someone to reply to my specific question on a forum.

The best part about Rackspace Cloud's support team is that they don't discriminate, whether you are a potential customer, top tier customer or just a low tier customer. Everytime I've called, emailed or chatted with their support team, I've received the answers I needed very quickly.


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Voice of the Disconnected Customer

Submitted By: Joseph Jaffe
Company: AT&T  Company Rank: 35

AT&T and iPhone has become oil and water from a customer experience standpoint, but hopefully with the launch of "Marks the Spot" iPhone App, they'll begin to turn things around.

In a nutshell it's an app that AT&T customers can use to register dropped calls, failed call attempt, no coverage, data failure or poor voice quality and match that against both frequency (once, seldom, often, always) as well as the GPS location.

Once submitted there's a SMS verification.

I guess it's no different than a typical Windows notification of a crash back to Redmond HQ, but it's good to see AT&T stepping up and being accountable.

Still TBD is whether any customers will actually participate and contribute i.e. what's in it for us? and also how AT&T intends to both close the loop i.e. actually use the feedback and more importantly, connect back with the customer to give them a progress report/update.

...but it's a start.


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Nearly a Bad Experience

Submitted By: Bill Hanff
Company: Apple  Company Rank: 5

I went into the Apple store this morning, and almost left there very pissed off.

I was there at 9am, and told I had to wait 10 minutes before they opened (even though they are supposed to open at 9).

I was there to see about getting a Time Capsule with a faulty power supply repaired, and after being let in I was one of 4 customers in the entire store. The guy told me I had to make an appointment and come back for service while there were 5 employees at the Genius Bar just standing around.

Grumbling, I went over picked up a new Airport, and started to leave. I understand the policy since the store does such high volume traffic, but it seemed a little heavy handed in my opinion.

Fortunately the guy ran after me and offered to help me himself since they were not busy. I discussed it with him for a few minutes and decided that the Airport was the best way to go since all he could offer me was a replacement to the Time Capsule at $350 (I would rather the airport and an external drive anyhow I think).

This was very nearly put under I Had A Bad Experience... but I do appreciate the manager following up here, and that was a saving grace to this experience.


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